Complementary IT Services

Fully managed IT support

Our complementary IT services provide a host of options for organisations considering outsourcing specific elements of their IT.

If you are contemplating a multi-source outsource strategy, or simply looking to augment your existing in-house capabilities, our complementary services are designed to support you.

You can select individual service-elements from our service portfolio, enabling you to complement your other outsourced functions, or to supplement your retained internal team. As a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP), our complementary IT services help you enhance your IT provision, allowing you to focus on your strategic priorities and projects.

Enhance your IT service by outsourcing the most challenging and inefficient elements. With complementary services, you can deliver a more comprehensive and higher quality service, ensuring that IT can drive value throughout the organisation.

Our teams are focused on delivering the best possible customer experience, delivering fast, efficient and friendly support, ensuring your employees are always able to be productive and do their best work.

 We implement best practices in alignment with the ITIL 4 framework. In partnership, we help you to improve your processes, policies and strategy to ensure you are getting the maximum possible value from your IT investments.

Gain access to a large pool of expertise and reduce the burden on your overstretched IT team. With the option of 24/7/365 support, we can provide out-of-hours support or additional manpower to expand your IT capacity.

By increasing IT capacity and expertise, you can free up time to focus on your strategic priorities and redirect the attention of your retained IT team to whichever areas you consider to be a priority.

1st & 2nd Line Service Desk

We offer an ITIL-aligned 1st and 2nd line-only Service Desk function, providing a high-quality service for organisations that require additional end-user support.

3rd Line Support

Our 3rd line function delivers advanced technical support, helping to resolve complex incidents and problems, providing infrastructure support across cloud and on-premises environments.

Hardware Build & Deployment

We offer a hardware procurement and build room service, deploying ready-to-use devices efficiently to office and remote staff, configured with technologies such as Microsoft Autopilot and Intune.

Cloud Platform Management

We offer support and management for your cloud infrastructure. Our experts maintain your cloud environments, assessing and migrating new workloads as well as performance and cost optimisation.

End-user Device Management

Our Field Engineers provide a dedicated on-site presence for as much or little time as you require, delivering high quality technical support for your infrastructure and end-users.

Field Engineer Services

Our 24/7/365 Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) and Hybrid-CSOC expand organisations' security capabilities, with our security analysts working continuously to keep customers safe.

Project Resource Augmentation

We can allocate our highly experienced technical experts to your complex IT projects, enhancing and expanding your internal team’s capabilities and capacity to help achieve project success.

Best of both worlds

Our enterprise-level IT services provide the operational maturity and capability you would expect from a large IT service provider but with the personal service and agility of a closely trusted partner.

Ability to scale with you

We have the capacity and capability to deliver and support organisations of all sizes, so we can confidently scale and support your organisation as you grow.

Strategic partnership

A strong partnership is vital, and we want to be an integral part of your success. We take the time to listen and understand your company so we can help you achieve your goals, whilst making it enjoyable along the way.

Customer excellence

We deliver exceptional customer service, which is proven through our industry-leading customer satisfaction scores. We focus on continual improvement so that your staff enjoy a streamlined and friendly service across multiple support channels.

Technological innovation

We stay ahead of the latest cutting-edge technologies so we can review and test solutions to feed into our clients’ IT strategies. We give you a forward-thinking IT roadmap that makes best use of the latest innovations.

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