Consulting Services

ICT Strategic Planning

Our approach to ICT Strategy Plan is to bring the people and ICT to work as one unit, this approach is intended at aligning ICT towards business as an enabler assisting organizations to achieve their primary business objectives. Our ICT strategy plan comes up with a detailed plan, customized for the organization over specific period of time aligned with the overall organizational Business Strategy.

Disaster Recovery Planning

We offer a Disaster Recovery Plan which acts as a framework and guideline on how disaster solutions can be implemented to address Business Continuity and drive compliance for organizations. Our approach to disaster recovery encompasses a comprehensive organizational assessment involving people, ICT and business processes. This exercise then enables us to derive a DRP that is customized and talks to the real challenges of the organization.

Project Management Planning

At the heart of LiyaTech operations as an ICT services provider is Project/Program Management. We have developed methodologies that vary from each and every nature of engagement with our customers. The strength of our methodologies is in the understanding of our customers’ cultures.

We have developed our Project methodologies by making use of the “best of breed” recognized methodologies like PMBOK, Prince II.

Datacenters Optimization

Using our Hypervisor, VMware and hardware independent tools we do Physical servers to Virtual Platforms migrations and vice versa.


Virtualization is at the core of our Data Centre consolidation solutions as it adds value in the following areas:

    • Promotes Green IT.
    • Saves cost on hardware.
    • Optimizes usage on underutilized server hardware.
    • Simplifies Data Centre management.

Disaster Recovery

When it comes to Disaster Recovery we take advantage of the booming adoption on Software Appliances. We use a single Appliance device that protects up to 25 servers (either physical or virtual) with adequate storage.

Most DR solutions are only at a storage level. Our DR solution protects the whole workload/server (OS, Application and Data).

Our DR solution addresses business continuity and promotes compliance from an AG perspective.